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April 6, 2010

A Little-Known Way to Invest in Disney

Since 1940, everyone has been able to own a part of The Walt Disney Company. All one needs to do is purchase stock. Usually, purchasing stock requires going through a broker who charges various fees and imposes minimum purchases to make it worth the broker's time.

However, Disney has an alternate program called The Walt Disney Investment Plan. Through this program, investors can purchase stock directly from Disney. A $250 minimum investment is required and there are a few fees involved, but investors deal directly with the company instead of a broker. Investors can purchase additional amounts at any time, and Disney will hold your stock certificates if you prefer. Disney will also take the dividends and reinvest them into Disney stock automatically. Sales are also handled through the program; investors can sell at any time.

For an investor who wants to hold Disney shares for the long term, I think this is an excellent way to invest in Disney stock. The program is a simple way to purchase and sell Disney shares. It may not be as ideal for a frequent stock trader since the program is for Disney stock only.

An FAQ for The Walt Disney Investment Plan can be found here.

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